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ySense Review Formerly ClixSense : Legit or a Scam survey site ?


Ysense legit or scam

Ysense review legit or scam.

These  review of ysense formerly known as clixsense. These is a popurlar survey site that enables people to earn money online. I am going to let you know the pros and cons of ysense. These site is one of the top site on survey site list with good earning potential depending on your location.

Is ysense legit ?.

The answer is yes ysense is totally legit  and not scam site and the have been positive reviews or feedback from users who where satisfied with the site with a good earning potential.Please note you cannot earn full time income on such plateforms. The only problem you can have on the platform is your location that is your "country" where survey are distributed per location making it almost impossible for some people to receive survey.

Ysense is now owned by PRODEGE LLC but the high earning potential are still thesame. Ysense is actually GPT(Get paid to click) website where you can earn online from doing simple task like  doing surveys, trying out new products and services, downloading apps, signing up for website, watching videos and more. But it's greatly known for making money with surveys.

Clixsense  or ysense is an international  survey site that pays cash and rewards.It's  supports  several payment method such as paypal,skrill and amazon gift card.

The website does not only focus   on survey but they offer cash offers where by you can test product and services,download apps, signing  up for websites and watching videos .Doing all these  you would get payed.

The best part is you gain money and gifts card for buying product or services you are already familiar with. Ysense  also have figure eight task where you can earn some extra cash including a referal program where by your specific link is given and you can use it to refer friend and family members and you would receive commission per referral there by adding up to your  income. If you have friend on Facebook or on any social  medias site, you can let them know and they can sign up using your referral link.These is what is ment by referral program. It also has 100$ weekly  contest

official ysense statement.

ySense.com is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world.

As a member of the Prodege, LLC family, we support market researchers and others who rely upon the power of consumers, offering our members a variety of reward opportunities. Whether you take surveys, complete online tasks, or complete other offers, there’s something for everyone to easily" make money online.

YSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online with unlimited earnings potential.

Affiliates can earn commissions whenever their direct referrals complete surveys, simple tasks and other offers. We make it easy for our ySense affiliates to earn rewards along with the members they refer, enhancing their benefits from our program.

Their survey has no specific amount and may range from 0.50$ to even more than 12$ all depending on the the sponsors of the survey. That is customers who pay ysense for a survey to be carried out.

For instance company might want to improve their products be it physical or digital products and may need user or people to give feedback of pros and cons. That is where website like ysense step in. Survey site are also one of the best advertising plateform for products exposure.
For instance a game advert on ysense

Ysense have several different ways to increase your income apart from surveys.

Ysense payment method.

Ysense support several payment methods like Skrill, PAYPAL,PAYONEER, and GIFTS CARD. Making it possible for people from different countries to withdraw their money.


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