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watch videos and advert earn money in uganda


How to make money online in Uganda

Make money online in Uganda

How to make money online in Uganda

People usually ask can I make money online in Uganda with no skills or certificate.

The answer is yes people from Uganda can make money online using any smart device.

But the are different types of way to make money in Uganda some of them requires a lot of patience and time online.

You can make money in Uganda from affiliated marketing which require content or written notes on a website to promote other people products like Amazon product - Bitcoin - sport betting - jewelry affiliate and several other affiliated service or program available on the internet.

But requires you to own a website or blog. These doesn't come easy because it requires a lot of time and sacrifice.

You can also run Google ads on website and get payed but it requires time and patience and most of all lote of traffics which are people visiting you website.

The more people click on advert on your website the more you earn.

You can also start YouTube program in Uganda and apply for Google advert earning program which you get payed if someone click on the advert.

Ugandan can also promote affiliated product through social plateform like Facebook and sale product.

All of the above ways to earn money is just like opening a company or running a business in real life which requires time and patience even though other blogger make it to sound easy it is not as easy as you think.

How to make money online in UGANDA

Top ways to make money online in Nigeria

1)Blogging. Blogging is still the number one opportunity to make money online in Nigeria. ...

2) Affiliate marketing. ...

3) YouTube Videos. ...

4) Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Binance. ...

5) Freelancing. ...

6) Start your online bank with V. ...

7) afrisight or triaba survey site

8 )eCommerce business.

job for student to make money online.

All of the job listed here would require you to learn deep and develop a skill in any of the aspect.

§  Data Entry.

§  Virtual Assistant Jobs.

§  Translation Jobs.

§  Taking survey online.

§  Website Testing Jobs.

§  Selling items on market places online.

§  Blogging.

§  Doing micro jobs online.




To cut the chase read about site that would enable you earn money online  in Uganda but not a full time job.

 Fast ways to make money online in Uganda.

Please note these sites are well researched and tested site.

I may not know all money making site but I am going to list the few I know which are fast and easy website that can enable people in Uganda or any country to join and gain cash.

These sites is also suitable for Ugandan students to make money online because it is time flexible and requires little or no skills.

Please note these sites would enable you to earn some cash but not a full time income.

You can make money online with paxful which is a Bitcoin trading site by opening your account and state buying and selling Bitcoin.

You can buy Bitcoin when it falls and sell them when it rises.

All you need is an account mobile money, or any other or any other banking system you can think off to start trading.

Please note.

Don't invest your money without having full understanding on how Bitcoin works.

State with a small investment to gain knowledge and when you must have gathered some experience then you can start trading with a large sum.

The following site I am going to mention would need you to create a paxful account in order to withdraw your money if you have only mobile money as a payment method.

But the site have other payments method including PayPal and credit cards.

You would withdraw your money as Bitcoin through a paxful link which would be given to you when you create an account.


Then later trade Bitcoin for money to be deposited to your mobile money.

To increase your earning you can choose to save the money on paxful to start trading.

The other legitimate plateform apart from paxful but because it contains almost all payments system making it easy to start even with orange or mtn Momo money also known as m-pesa.

Please follow YouTube videos online to fully understand.


Make money with paid to click site.

You can make money in Uganda on paid to click site by clicking on advert. These is fast and easy and don't require any skills or certificate just a any smart device to surf the internet.

One of the best is star-click.com  you can earn more than a 100.000cfa in a month but you would need to upgrade with 10.000cfa or you can stick on the platform as silver member without investing and still make some cash and withdraw you money but not as high as a upgraded member.

The payment methods to upgrade or withdraw your money in south Africa are paypal  - Western Union  -bank transfer - master card - Bitcoin.

Please read my complete review to     understand about the site Star-clicks complete review

I always advise to read the complete review to understand how the site work before making any decisions.

Make money through micro job site online in Uganda.

Micro job site are plateform that promote mini degital jobs that require little time to be done. Few ugandan know about such plateform which can act as a subliment to their financial income.
Micro job site is one of the fast and easy websites or ways for you to make money online.

Jobs like testing a website or app and given user experience or carrying out survey.
The list are to broad to be written down and lots of micro jobs are listed down for you to choose from with different prices so you can make your choices.

And one of the best micro job site is picoworkers.com these site enable you to make more than 6$ a day in your spare time.

The site has been tested and found it reliable and the highest micro job plateform as compared to other for people all over the world including ugandan

These is how the site function a list of micro task would be listed and the amount you would receive.
Click on any micro task that suits you and read what you have to do and then submit proof.

Please you would need to open two taps on your browser that is two different browser pages so that you don't close the job you selected and then use the other browser page to Carry out the required task and then past your proof using the other browser page.

They usually don't take up to 2 minutes.
It might seem confusing at the beginning but you would get used to it in a short period of time.

So you can sign up and state making money right away Sign up on picoworker

Make money in uganda through online survey.

You can also make money online in Uganda through international survey sites by carrying out survey and some additional task which usually take a couple of minutes to do.some of the best survey site are pricezerebel and ysense. People in Uganda can join and earn online

Pricezerebel is a legitimate survey site that pays it members and the payments methods are suitable for Africans and people from all countries.

Pricezerebel survey site sign up 

Ysense is also a legitimate survey site so  you can sign up and make money.

These sites also have several payment methods so no worries about withdrawing your money.

Ysense survey site sign up

So now you know it is time to sign up and earn extra income online.

Please leave a comment in case of a question. Concerning the sites.


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