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Website to make money online in Namibia


How to make money online in Namibia ?.

The are fewer legit site these days that enable people from  Namibia

to earn money online or through the internet.

I may not know all money making site but I am going to list the few I know which are legit sites.

These site is also good for students in Namibia to make money online without any skills or certificate.

Please note these sites would enable you to earn some cash but not a full time income !.

Make money with paid to click site in Namibia

You can make money online from Namibia through paid to click site by clicking on advert. 

These is fast and easy and do not require any skills or certificate just a any smart device to surf the internet.

One of the best is  you can earn more than a 100.000cfa in a month but you would need to upgrade with 10.000cfa.

The payment methods are paypal  - Western Union  -bank transfer - master card - Bitcoin.
Please read my complete review to     understand about the site Star-clicks complete review

I always advise to read the complete review to understand how the site work.

Make money through micro job site in Namibia.

Micro job site are plateform that promote mini degital jobs that require little time to be done these tiny task  job can be done from people from Namibia online .

Jobs like testing a website or app and given user experience or carrying out survey. The list are to broad to be written down and lots of micro jobs are listed down for you to choose from.

And one of the best micro job site is these site enable you to make more than 6$ a day in your spare time.
So you can sign up and state making money right away Sign up on picoworker

These is how the site function a list of micro task would be listed and the amount you would receive.
Click on any micro task that suits you and read what you have to do and then submit proof.

They usually don't take up to 3 minutes.
It might seem confusing at the beginning but you would get used to it in a short period of time.

People from all over the world can participate on these websites.

Make money in Namibia through online survey.

You can also make money through international survey sites by carrying out survey and some additional task which usually take a couple of minutes to do.some of the best survey site are pricezerebel and ysense

Pricezerebel is a legitimate survey site that pays it members and the payments methods are suitable for Africans and people from all countries.

Pricezerebel survey site sign up 

Ysense is also a legitimate survey site so  you can sign up and make money.

These sites also have several payment methods so no worries about withdrawing your money from Namibia

Ysense survey site sign up

That's all I know.  good luck !.

Please leave a comment in case of a question. Concerning the sites.