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Review of picoworkers legit or scam money making site

Picoworkers is a legitimate website and so far people are not complaining about not getting paid.

Do I need certificate to work on picoworkers

No certificate are required to work on picoworkers and any one from any country can work on these plateform

Picoworkers review

PICOWORKER is an online site that enable micro_jobs to be done providing a plateform for employer who want online job to be done for them and employment for those who want to earn some cash online. Both peoples who have certificate and none certificate can become workers on picoworker  .

You can make money as a worker on picoworker and also be an employer on these platform using a single account.
What type of job you can asign as an employer.

What you can do on picoworkers as an employer

If you just  stated posting videos on YouTube and you want to state making some cash or review your videos.You can employ workers to review your videos  and tell you what is needed to improve your videos.That is to say what they liked and disliked about the video.

 You may also ask them to subscribe and follow your videos since it might take so long  to have 1000view as it is one of  YouTube requirements to state making money through adscenes then you could employ people with 10$ on picoworker to do the job.

If Want to have more follow and likes on facebooks,Twitter, Instagram you can asign people

If you want an article written or research to be done then all you just need is to assign people.

If you want to advertised or test a product you can  asign workers who may review the product and  share it with their friend on social medias.Those who are interested can buy your products.

And you  can even boost your subscriber if you thing the service you provide can solve a problem these would be easy to get customers.

The is so much more you can do with these site even with 3$.

You would review the proof you demanded from them individually and if you're are satisfied you can rate a worker satisfied and the would be paid the amount.But if you rate a worker not satisfied the money will automatically be refunded to your account.

You will have up to a week to review the proof and rate them accordingly.If you fail to do so the money will automatically be credited to the workers account and be rated satisfied.


You can make money online with picoworker using any device as  a worker

There are several site that claims  that you can make money online but it is just a claim .When i was surfing the web looking for site to make money online i came accross picoworker.com .

These site has been around since 2013. They actually pay money and accept workers world wide. You can also make money from survey The are other ways to make money online read more.i have tested several website online  in other to make some etra cash but most of them will keep you waiting for about a week even month for  you to get a single job and it can be frustrating.


PICOWORKER is easy  to navigate  and understand.A  list of job would be displayed on a page  called "small jobs" and you will choose the job that suits you.Here is the screen shot of available jobs on PICOWORKER.

Most of the job can take one to two minute to be done and you would need to submite proof that you have done the job.
They usually demand proof of url  or screen shot and your sube account called "small on the way" would be credited with amount for the employer to verify  and the money would credited to your main account.

If the employer does not verify within a week your account would still be credited to your main account.

You can be a worker and employer at thesame time BECOME AN EMPLOYER ON PICOWORKER or make money on these platform.Sign up and get online job done for you faster with more 1000 worker

PICOWORKER has more than 1000 worker on their plateform so job asigned can be done rapidly even with  5$  if you have any online job like reviewing  an app, adding like to you facebook page,  twitter page, reviewing and commenting  a website ,watching  reviewing youtube videos or any online job that you think off .

All you need is to write and  give out specific instruction on what you want workers to do and the proof you want them to submite that is url or screen shot proof .

If you not satisfied with job done you can rate it not satisfied. You account will be credited  with  0.25$  as start up when you open you account and you can cash out your money when it reaches minimum 1$ .
The plateform support several payment method like payable,skrill,coinbase to name a few.  

HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE A DAY ON                             PICOWORKER.                         

           It all depends on you how much you want to earn a  day online and it depends on the number of job posted on your list but you can be sure to make 10$ a depending on the number of hours you can sacrifice online .

Above is the screen shot of my account I made a few hours to show as proof .How much you can make a day depend on you and your time schedule.

I have tested these  site  myself these and they pay your money without complication.you can sign up and state making money within minute.

TO withraw your money you will to take a snapshot of your id or any document that carry your real name for verification. make sure you sign up with your real name or you can change your name when you log in your profile.Do not try to spam the website or provide fake proof.Only one account is accepted per user and if picoworker suspected you account it would be closed and your money would be lost.

 picoworker also support referal program which you would recieve a commision if you refer some on now you know sign up and spread the words

Picoworkers payment method to withdraw or deposit money

Picoworkers payment methods are Skrill which is good for African 

Bitcoin- PayPal- master cards just to name a few.

You can sign up and make money



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