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Paidverts complete Review legit or scam 100$ per click plus alternatives

Paidverts review legit or scam

These is a complete review of  paidvert for those who have heard about the site or those who are unfamiliar with the site.

Please read the complete review of paidverts.com to fully understand about the site before making any decisions.

Let me first of all congratulate you for researching before jumping and signing up to an unknown site and investing your money.

Product descriptions:[PAIDVERT.COM]  .

Rated :::__🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  4stars.

Product type...(paid to click).


Build on......(2013).


Pros.....(pays money).

Cons.......(Complicated earning interface and system for beginers).

Membership levels........( depend on amount of baps in your account).

Is paidvert a legit site  ?.

Yes, paidverts.com is legit and not a scam  site to make money. You can make money on the plateform but I wouldn't recommend using it. Because it takes way to long to  make a significant amount of BAP for beginners , and they are consumed even when you are not present. The plateform is not user friendly and it require too much investments before you can have a stand. To enjoy paidverts you would need more investment than other ptc sites. Paidverts requires you to click on baps which is a form of currency on the platform and in exchange you will  be sent  advert for you to click again in exchange for money.

So let me share my experience on the platform paidvert.  The platform is legit  but making money on the platform without investing would take you ages .For instance I would receive a baps every day and I would click on them but the the most painful part is that your baps get consumed as ads is giving for you to click within 18hours .You could be sent an advert worth 3$ or any amount depending on the number of baps you have at your disposal. If you don't click within 18hrs you lose your money. In order to prevent these you need to buy a package on the platform that can enable you to block ads to be sent to you if you are on a trip. But just imagine you as a beginner you would turn to lose all your baps if you are unfortunate to miss a day that ads was sent to you. These happen to me occasionally because I would be absent for a week by the time I return my baps are all gone.

The platform is not beginner friendly so it requires lot of patience for you to familiarize yourself with all the options.Please don't wast your baps on games or gambling on the platform because be sure to loose you baps.

Below contains most of what you need to know about paidvert if your are interested to understand how the platform works please read  through the content.The FAQ was taken from .scribd.com  so all the privilege goes to them .

Who is the owner of paidvert.

PaidVerts was created via crowd funding fromMy Traffic Value. And subsequently owned outright by the My Traffic Value communal portfolio.You can view real time accounting for this business  here. You can login to MyTrafficValue using your PaidVerts account login information. Your account &earnings can be used across both websites. And the more you use the websites in our network, the more value you help prove to prospective advertisers.

Can I earn money on paidvert.

Can i earn money on paidvert ?.

Yes you can make money on paidvert but the downside is that it requires lot of patience if you don't invest money in it. Just signup a free account, click on one or more "BAP ads" found at the bottom of yourPaid Ads member page. These ads don't pay you cash, but they give you "Bonus Ad Points". That are required to receive Paid Ads. Every 100 BAP will deliver $0.05 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP. And with each paidcash ad you receive, the corresponding amount of BAP will be reduced. You'll keep receiving paidads until all your BAP is consumed.

 Top it up to earn more! The more BAP you accumulate in one go, the higher value ads your account will begin to receive. If you want to block out low value ads from needlessly consuming your BAP, you can buy the ad filter from your My Account page. Click on the paid ads issued to you, and the cash value will be added to your account balance. That you can then cash out as soon as you meet the minimum required, for your payment method of choice. $1 is the minimum cash out for Perfect Money. Or $2 is the minimum cash out amount for PayPal/ Payza. View all deposit method fees, minimums and maximums here. In addition to the above, you can optionally refer friends / advertisers! And you will earn cash commissions every time they purchase advertising (10% of each Bulk Ad Purchase), or interact with paid ads (5% of the click value). View our referral plan here. Alternatively: Use our BAP Games to get started. View your BAP ads to receive up to 400 free BAP per day. And then use that BAP to play our games. With the aim of turning that small amount of BAP into a jackpot value! And once you've turned your 'free BAP' into 25k-25million. You'll then receive incredibly high value paid cash ads each day; making your freebie gameplay pay off big time!


How to earn money on paidvert.

How to earn money on paidvert. 

You can earn money by either viewing adshere, or by referring other people through your referral link here.

How much can you make with Paidverts?

It is impossible to Know how much exactly you are going to earn, since they have a certain total amount of money that they can issue each day in ads. Calculated from how we divide up each ad purchase ,and our other revenue streams. We then create ads of various sizes to consume that daily total. With each ad promoting a randomly available campaign. But we post the the total value of daily ads each user recieves in the daily news here, so you can see what users currently earn. (the last column called „Ads Per User“ represents the total value of daily ads each user in one group recieves that day in $)

Keep in mind, that there are different "BAP Groups" and not every user earns the same amount. If you want to earn more, aim to climb our BAP groups; if you move up a group; you'll earn at least a bit more than the one before it on any given daily issue. We also issue hundreds of thousands of tiny value ads completely at random each day. (Purchase our ad filter from your My Account page if you want to block out low value ads). And you can also earn more from recycled ads through the "Recycler Pro" upgrade from your My Account page or simply get referrals.

How to increase your earning on paidverts

How to increase earning on paidverts.

You can increase your earnings by either climbing the BAP groups through ad purchases here or games here or by referring more people here. Group 1: 1600 to 12000Group 2: 12000 to 24000Group 3: 24k to 48k Group 4: 48k to 96k Group 5: 96k to 180k Group 6: 180k to 360k Group 7: 360k to 720k Group 8: 720k to 1.5mGroup 9: 1.5m to 3mGroup 10: 3m to 6mGroup 11: 6m to 20mGroup 12: 20m and up also you can boost your earnings a little through the "Recycler Pro" upgrade from your My Account page.You can also try to increase your earnings with the 2 „Super User Upgrades“ (mini and mega) but this is only recommended for people who either need fast money or want to consume their bap as fast as possible, since you actually have to pay to get the upgrade and incoming ads from the upgrade will still consume bap you will actually grow your BAP amount slower in the long run compared to purchasing ad packages.


3. Bonus Ad Points3.1 What are Bonus Ad Points?

Bonus Ad Points, or shortly BAP, are your main income source for PaidVerts, every time you have enough of them to proceed to the next BAP group your income will increase. But keep in mind that you have to maintain your BAP in order to stay in the BAP group so having are invest/cash out strategy would be good, usually it is about 65/35.Those are the different BAP groups and their required BAP: Group 1: 1600 to 12000Group 2: 12000 to 24000Group 3: 24k to 48k Group 4: 48k to 96k Group 5: 96k to 180k Group 6: 180k to 360k Group 7: 360k to 720k Group 8: 720k to 1.5mGroup 9: 1.5m to 3mGroup 10: 3m to 6mGroup 11: 6m to 20mGroup 12: 20m and up

How much a bonus ads point is worth on paidvert .

Each bonus ad point will deliver $0.0005 worth of 'bonus ads' to your account asap! As each ad is delivered to your account, your BAP balance is reduced by the corresponding amount. Important: You must interact with the ads that are sent to you within 18hours, or they will be recycled and sent to somebody else, and you will there by forfeit the Bonus Ad Points consumed as that ad was presented to you.

How to earn bonus ads point on paidvert

View "BAP" ads from your Paid Ads page. You'll receive 16* 25BAP ads each server day until you have viewed 100 BAP ads in total. And from then on you'll receive 8x 25 BAP ads each server day. In addition to the free ways to earn Bonus Ad Points as mentioned above. You can also earn Bonus Ad Points by purchasing advertising with us. Every $1.00 of Bulk Advertising you purchase will add 3100 BAP to your account .Buy Ads Here Another way of earning BAP would be playing games but it has it's risks, be warned.

  • paidverts best alternatives to make money online

You can make money online  through paid to click site by clicking on advert. These is fast and easy and don't require any skills or certificate just a any smart device to surf the internet. To increase your earning you can make use of their refferal program.One of the best is star-click.com  you can earn more than a 200$ in a month with an upgraded account in your free time. . The payment methods are paypal  - Western Union  -bank transfer - master card - Bitcoin.  starclick is BASE IN U.S.A  
Please read my complete review to understand about the site Star-clicks complete review

one of the best alternative of ptc site like paidvert are surveys site.  You can equally generate additional income by taken online survey and doing micro task in your free time. one of my most recommended is timebuck.com  the plateform has several ways to earn including micro task all countries accepted. The plateform has a nice interface and you can easely view what activities people from your country are doing to increase their  earning and copy and they have several payment methods so you can easely withraw your money . You can check out the plateform .The plateform gives $1  as sign up bonus plus additional  bonuses for activities carried out on the plateform.the are people generating more than $500 a month on the plateform time-buck review

TimeBucks is a GPT (Get Paid To) website where you can earn real cash for performing various tasks and activities that you already do every day. You can earn cash from doing things such as taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, and more! TimeBucks is unique from other reward websites because they pay in real cash instead of gift cards, and they have a lot of unique tasks that they created that no other site has! They also pay weekly via with a low minimum payout of $10. With TimeBucks, you get your own dedicated account manager to help you earn as much cash as possible! TimeBucks is free to join, and also has a referral program where you can earn commission for referring your friends! So if you're a single mom, a student, or you're just looking for some extra cash to pay the bills, then TimeBucks is the place for you! TimeBucks is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, based in Australia  time-buck review

Why you are not receiving ads when you have bonus ads point

1. Firstly ensure that your account is currently active from your  members main page.- Only active accounts receive paid ads.- Each BAP ad you view, extends your account activation period by 7days.- Inactive accounts freeze, until such time that you re-active them with an activation ad.2. If your account is active, but you're still not receiving ads, consider our "recycler pro" $0.05account upgrades. These give you priority in receiving recycled ads (ads that users fail to click on within 18hours)3. If you have purchased our Ad Filter , and set the value too high for the amount of BAP you have. You may not be receiving any ads because the filter is blocking all the low value ads. And you're not ellegible to receive any higher value ads. In this case, either adjust the settings on your ad filter. Or accumulate more BAP. So that you again qualify for higher value ads.


4. If you have no ads to view, you can request a Micro Ad page from your Paid Ads page. This will consume 50BAP and deliver 12 low value ads instantly. You can request up to 2 micro ad pack search server day. But remember, we only issue paid ads that are available (have been purchased by advertisers). From time to time there maybe insufficient ads in circulation to issue every single user at least one ad daily. In that case, help us find more advertisers, and earn 10%referral commission.

3.5 I have a lot of BAP, why am I still receiving small ads?

BAP is your maximum earning potential. You will keep receiving paid ads of all sizes, including small ones, until your BAP is consumed. If you want to block out very low value ads, you can buy our ad filter here. Having more BAP allows your account to receive big ads, when they are available. But it doesn't magically generate big value ads out of nowhere. This is not an investment. Buying ad campaigns delivers advertising + demonstrates to advertisers that you're a valuable person and are worth communicating with. Thereby you'll likely receive more ads, and hopefully earn a lot more than you will at other PTC websites. But just because you have a lot of BAP, doesn't suddenly guarantee you're going to earn a fixed %daily revenue. That's unrealistic. You will simply keep receiving ads, as they're available to be issued to you, until all your BAP is consumed.


Where to view paid ads on paidvert.

In the Members Home page click on view paid ads or click on „Paid Ads“ in your navigation to get to it, if you still can't find it, here it is.

4.3 How can I block low value ads?

If you don't wish to receive low value ads, and subsequently prevent them from consuming your Bonus Ad Points unnecessarily, you can purchase our ad filter upgrade here: My Account>Ad Filter IMPORTANT: The ad filter will only block out low value ads. It doesn't magically issue your account high value ads. You need to accumulate lots of BAP before you consider buying the ad filter. I don't recommend anyone with under 100,000 BAP purchasing the ad filter and even then, don't set it to high! If you set it to high you might block a large amount of your daily income.

4.5 What does the recycle button do?

The button will recycle the selected ad and give it to another user to view. You won't get a new ad, BAP or anything else back when you do this!

4.6 What does the red cross and the green checkmark next to the captchas mean?

They are a visual indication if you typed the captcha right or wrong, a red cross means it's wrongand a green checkmark means it's right, the third captcha will display a black question mark until you click on Check captcha.


5 . Purchasing Ads5.1 Where and how do I purchase ads?

In the Members Home Page click on Buy Ads which will lead you here and then click on create campaign, then you have to enter the website url you would like to promote and click on verify(note: promoting PaidVerts on PaidVerts will not get you referrals!), a new window will open which you have to confirm after 30 seconds, this is to ensure people recieve their money for viewing the ad. Uploading a 728*90 and a 125*125 banner image is optional but recommended since the include banner impressions will otherwise be lost. Then you will proceed to enter 3 captcha lines which you should use to tell the users something. After finishing that you can select your payment method, choose the amount of packages you want to buy and if you want extra banner impressions or not. When your done click on purchase ads and it will forward you to the payment.

5.2What is the minimum purchase value?

The minimum purchase is depending on the payment processor and goes as follows: Paypal: 1$*Payza: 1$*Perfect Money: 1$Egopay: 10$*Solid trustpay: 10$** Be wary about paying tiny amounts via PayPal and Payza. The fees can make an ad pack significantly more expensive than it has to be; you'd be far better off choosing Perfect Money for tiny purchases or saving for a bigger purchase via Paypal or Payza.

5.3Are there Purchase Fees/Limits, if yes how much and which?

Yes there are most payment processors, depending on the payment processor they can vary: Paypal fee: 6.50%+0.30$ Paypal limit: 1-12. week 110$/week later 550$/week Payza fee: 6.00%+0.59$Payza limit: 1-12. week 110$/week later 550$/week Perfect Money: no feePerfect Money limit: 10000$/dayEgopay fee: 5.00%+0.50$Egopay limit: 10000$/week Solidtrustpay fee: 3.00%+0.50$Solidtrustpay limit: 9990$/day

5.3 What is the benefit of purchasing ads?

You can promote another site and you also get BAP worth 1.55$ for every ad package bought. So this is actually the best way to grow your account besides of referrals.

5.4 I purchased an ad and haven't recieved any BAP, what to do?

First of all check in My Ad Campaigns in your navigation what the status of the campaign is, if it's pending chances are that the payment was declined by either your payment processor or PaidVerts, check your account balance of your payment processor what happened, usually the payment didn't work and you can try it again, if the payment worked and your campaign is still pending or if future purchases still don't work try to submit a support ticket by clicking on contact in the top right, choosing „I have a missing deposit / pending ad campaign“, entering the subject, batch number, amount, choosing the payment processor and „Buying PaidVerts Ad Campaign“ underneath „What is this deposit for?“, then clicking on Submit.


6 . Cashing out 6.1 Where and how do i cash out?

Click on Cash out Earnings in your navigation, then in the Transfer from: field choose PV Earnings balance, in the Amount: field choose the amount, in the Transfer to: field choose where you want to transfer your money to and then choose the Date of Birth you entered when you registered. When done click on submit. But you are not completly done yet! The money is now in one of your available balances, to actually cash out you have to click on Cash out.

6.2What is the minimum cashout?

The minimum cashout amount depends on where you're cashing your earnings out to. Perfect Money: $1.00EgoPay: $10.00Solid Trust Pay: $10.00PayPal: $2.00 *Payza: $2.00 *Western Union: $250.00Bank Wire: $250.00* Be wary about cashing out tiny amounts to PayPal and Payza. The fees can wipe out a significant portion of your cash out; you'd be far better off waiting until you have several dollars in your account before cashing out.

6.3 Are there Cashout Fees/Limits, if yes how much and which?

Yes there are for most payment methods, depending on the payment processor they can vary:Paypal fee: 2.00%+0.25$ Paypal limit: 500$/week Payza fee: 2.00%+0.25$Payza limit: 500$/week Perfect Money: 5.50%+0.25$Perfect Money limit: 10000$/dayEgopay fee: 7.00%Egopay limit: 10000$/week Solidtrustpay fee: 3.50%+0.25$Solidtrustpay limit: 9990$/dayWestern Union fee: 5.00%+50.00$Western Union limit: 1000$/week Bank Wire fee: 2.00%+25.00$Bank Wire limit: 79000$/week 

6.4 How long does it take until i recieve my payment?

Usually it takes between 1-7 days until you recieve your Payment. And in the event of any delays, you can keep up to date with the latest daily cashout news in the forum here.

6.5 I did't recieve my payment, what to do?

First of all, calm down, it is probably just a little delay so if you already waited 7 days you might recieve it pretty soon, if you can't wait doing nothing you can try to submit a support ticket by clicking on contact in the top right, choosing „Question about Pending Cashout“, entering the subject and the message, then clicking on Submit.


7 . Referrals7.1 Where can i find my referral link?

In the Members Home page click on view paid ads or click on Refer Friends in your navigation toget to it, if you still can't find it, here it is.

7.2 How much commission do I earn?

You will earn 10% of all ad purchases your referrals make, both now and in the future. So if your referral buys $100 worth of ads, you will earn an instant $10 commission. You will also earn 5% of the value of any paid ads your referral interacts with. So if your referral views a paid ad for $1.00, they will receive $0.95 and you will earn $0.05 in commission. If your referrals go on to use any of the other websites in our network, such as MyTrafficValue, then you will earn all of the referral commissions on offer there also!

7.3 When can I cashout my referral commissions?

Referral commissions are credited to your account earnings balance instantly. And are immediately available for withdrawal.

7.4 Where can I view the Top Referrers?

The top referrers link is in our footer:http://www.paidverts.com/top_referrers.html 

7.5 Can I refer myself?

No. Users found abusing our referral program will have their affiliate commission privilages revoked.

7.6 Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can have?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have. No upgrades or deposits are required of any kind. Just refer a friend, and you will earn cash commissions as they either purchase advertising, or interact with paid ads! No strings attached.

7.7 Can I get an Example on how this works?

If you refer a friend who buys $100 worth of bulk advertising with us. You will receive an instant$10 in referral commission. Your friend will then receive 310,000 Bonus Ad Points (BAP) with his purchase. If your friend then goes on to interact with all the Bonus Ads his account will eventually receive [as a proven valuable user + advertiser], you will earn up to a further $7.75 in paid ad interaction commissions. So that's potentially 17.75% referral commission on every ad purchase you help find!* And even if you only refer free users, that never make a deposit or ad purchase; you will still earn5% of every paid ad they interact with.


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