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starclick legit or scam, star-clicks membership plus alternative

star-clicks review.

These is a complete review of star-click.com for those who have heard about the site or those who are unfamiliar with the site.

Please read the complete review to fully understand about the site before making any decisions.

Let me first of all congratulate you for researching before jumping and signing up to an unknown site and investing your money.


Product descriptions:[star-click.com]  starclick .

Rated :::__🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  4stars.

Product type...(paid to click).


Build on......(2008).

Pros.....(pays money).

Cons.......(slow team support).

Membership levels........(3).

(1)silver membership).....free

(2)gold membership)...... Upgrade with 30$....maximum amount to earn a day 3$ to7$ per day.

.(3)platinum membership)....... upgrade with 49$ ...maximum  amount to earn a day 7$ to 11$.

What is star-click.com ?.

What is star-clicks ?

Starclick is a paid per click site where by you get paid  to visit websites in the form  advert ranging from 0.01$ to 0.02$  per click and  the plateform claims you can make from 6$ a day to 11$ .The are other form of advertisement like Google adscenes which requires a website with content and advert are display on your website or YouTube videos which pays you if someone click on the advert but it requires time and patience.

The amount  ranges from o.03$ to 100$ for a single click depending on the quality of your website.

The are other adscenes base companies that pays you per click if someone click advert on your website but that is another story.

As i said earlier starclick is a payed per click site where you get paid to click on adscenes.

For some of those who don't know about adscenes let me explain.Adscenes is a form of advertisement where by website owners pays advertising platform like Google ads, Bing ads, star-click,my traffic value just to name a few in order to gain traffic to a website which are vesitor or people who are interested on a particular topic or subjects.

Websites owner may choose to advertise inorder to boost sale of a particular product or to increase popularity of their website.These is the case of star click advertising platform.

Star- click review



Can you really make money on star-clicks ?.

The answer is yes you can make money  on star-click more than   200 a month with some additional strategies like html ads on  website or refferal program where you will make 0.08$ per sign up and 5$ or 10$ if your refferal upgrades.you can use social medias as a refferal source. 

In addition to that people from all continent including Africa and Asia are present on the platform and they appear among top earners for the week which is encouraging as compared to other plateform. 


Is star-click a scam site or legit source of income ?.


Is star-click legit
Is  star-clicks legit or scam ?.

Starclick  is not scam. Star-Clicks.com is in business since 2008, the business is verified by different authorities and vendors, such as Verisign, Norton Trust, UKTrustSeal and UK Companies House. The website actually pays and is the best compared to other ptc site. Star-click is also a legitimate source of income and many individuals from all over the globe are on the platform right now making some cash so don't worry about involving your self to any illegal activities.

These types of service is even recognize by search engines like Google and Bing so I called it '' mini clean  job ''.

👉👉👉👉  starclick best  alternatives to earrn online    timebuck.com 

How to truly be sure starclick is not a scam.

Even after reading reviews on the internet concerning this platform I know some people would still not be convince.

The is only one way to find out for yourself. Follow the steps below 

1) sign up to star-click as a publisher .

2) verify you account using your mobile number.

3)Go to the menu section at the top and click  the ''Top members'' and then browse through thousand of members and select a member from your country and ask them question concerning any thing about the platform and how they generated the money on the plateform then you can choose to invest or not.

Or better still test the website  without upgrading and when  your amount reaches or surpasses  withdraw limit remove your money through auto pay out then you would come to your own conclusions .

star-click best alternative without investment  money making site 

one of the best alternative of ptc site like star-click are surveys site.  You can equally generate additional income by taken online survey and doing micro task in your free time. one of my most recommended is timebuck.com  the plateform has several ways to earn including micro task all countries accepted . The plateform has a nice interface and you can easely view what activities people from your country are doing to increase their  earning and you can equally copy. They have several payment methods so you can easely withraw your money . You can check out the plateform .The plateform gives $1  as sign up bonus plus additional  bonuses for activities carried out on the plateform.the are people generating more than $200 a month on the plateformtimebuck.com 

Starclicks payment proof

These is a screenshot of payment proof payed through auto pay out which enable one to withdraw money with PayPal or Bitcoin

Zoom in to see clearly !.


Star-click supported devices.

Star-click support all three devices that laptop,android or pc so you can click on advert at you convenient time within the space of 24  hours.Adscenes are available every 24hrs so you can click adscenes any where using any device since it doesn't need any skills or certificate.

ptc(paid to click site) are some of the easiest way to get extra cash online apart from survey and micro job site.

How much can you make on Star-clicks ?

These is the most pertinent question "how much can i make on star click ".The answers is simple it depends on how much spare time you are willing to sacrifice but the minimum daily earning ranges depending on the membership level you are in since star-click has there membership level.

How Much Can I Earn If I Upgrade My Account?

As a silver member you won't earn much on star click and the maximum daily earning is 0.11$  and  the minimum withdrawal amount is 2$ . So you better set autopay out to a Bitcoin or PayPal account.These two options are available for silver member which is free

To use other payment options like bank transfer, credit card or Western Union require a minimum of  50$  if you are a silver member so better use autopay out to remove your money when it above 2$+ through Bitcoin or PayPal.Auto pay out are payed on weekly bases usually Saturday and Sunday base on experience because I received 10$ twice on those days through Bitcoin.

You can still choose to click and save the money to upgrade to a gold member  in order to earn more on the platform.But the down side about it is going to  take a longer period of time to reach 20$ without been tempted to withraw your money through autopay out.But you have the options to upgrade your account by directly funding your account through any payment method available on star-clicks.

To upgrade two options are available golden or platinum membership level.

The gold membership   cost 20$  per month which is a limited offer and platinum membership cost 49$  but usually suggest to upgrade to a gold membership level because it is time flexible you would not want to take much of your time clicking ads.

When you upgrade to a gold membership level which would cost you 20$  for the first month and your maximum daily earning would be 5$ to 7.85$ daily.The platinum membership level is the highest level on star-click as you get 0.2$ a click and your maximum daily earning 11$ .

These is the screenshot shot of my account I took as proof.

1) sign up to star-click as a publisher .

Does Star-Clicks sound right for you?

What are the payment  or withrawal methods of star-click.com.

The best part about star-clicks.com  it's the payment method because it support several payment methods which makes it possible for any one around the world to sign up knowing you can easily withraw you money.

These is the first aspect that comes in people minds signing up to a site.
Starclick support payout  methods like PayPal,bank transfer or wire transfer, bitcoins and Western Union.so you can easily withraw your money and it is worth knowing that all payments methods are process within a week which is a bit slow but surely pays you your money.

Star-clicks also support auto pay out as a silver member which
you set up an amount limit like 10$ that would automatically be funded to your account when it reaches that amount which is more faster to send money to your chosen payment method.
When your account later become silver upon expiration.

How To sign up on starclick.com.

The procedure to sign up on star-click is easy all you need is to enter your Gmail account address password, phone number for verification and some additional details . When you want to sign up you would be asked if you want to sign up as a publisher or advertiser.I f you want to make money online you sign up as a publisher and if you want to advertise you website sign up as an advertiser.



It is very easy to upgrade your starclick account using the any of the following payment system like bank tranfer, bitcoin,western union,paypal but i would recommend paypal and bitcoin because it is very easy.

To upgrade, an option is found at the top menu written "upgrade" click on the button and the payment method you want to use and upgrade would be displayed just select paypal or bitcoin as it the easy if you using the bitcoin process list of bitcoin wallet would be displayed.Select the wallet you are using and you would comfirm the withrawal on your bitcoin account .



how to navigate on starclick


The plateform is very easy to use and I will explain how to navigate  using the screen short below.

Starclick navigation

1) Over view is to view  how much  your  have   in your account

2)ppc ads  to see  you available adscene where you can click and make money.

3) inbox for messages

4)setting speaks for itself

5)Alert to notify you in case of emergency

6)payout to withdraw or recharge your account.

7) verification is to ensure you account belong to you.you would need to verify your account through  gmail or email address and later your phone number in order to withdraw your money.

8) Support  is to have enquiries if you have issue the support team usually
take a long time to respond.

9) Invite: you can invite a friend using email address.

10)Refferal is where your referral link is located and you would receive a comission when you invite some one.

Star click is one of the best online platform to earn some cash  you can Sign up on star click if you are interested.

STARCLICK also enables blogers or website owner to display adscenes on their website and when the adscenes is clicked, you get a commission.

If you  want  to drive more traffic to you website, advertise   and sale your product, then STARCLICK is one of the best advertising  platform for you.

Is star-click worth your time

People usually ask " do I run a risk of loosing money on star-click". Let me make things clear star-click is a well established site since 2008  and has been paying it members and even me. The only way you can lose money is when you upgrade your account to a gold or a platinum membership level and you don't click on daily adscenes which are available within 24hrs. So star-clicks also have it own pros and cons.

for my advice only upgrade your account when you have free times and try as much as possible to click and at list recover your money and make optimum profits and if  you don't have enough time to click just upgrade to a gold membership level which is 20$ so as to enable recover your money within days and gain enough profits rather than upgrading to a platinum account which cost 59$ and don't find time to click on adscenes available after upgrading  your account.

So gold membership level is preferable and  you can choose to reinvest or  withdraw your profits .

The are lot of website owner promoting their site through these platform. More than 1000 site  on  STARCLICK.One thing is sure these sites are Making profits or getting what they want "traffics"  which increases the sale of their product and they keep coming back for more advert. No one would want to invest in a platform that does not enable him or her to  make profits


I also came across scam ppc site that will promise you that you can earn easy and rapid money. These are example of scam site.

1) Tap2earn.com.

2) wodowo.com

3)seven dollar.com.

And the worst of all money.xyz sites which are rampant with more than 3000 domain name pointing to thesame page and the promise you can earn 15$ per click.

They have been numerous complaint of users losing their money on the platform.

please beware of these scam site !.


Star-click support all country including africa and people all over the world can work on star-click and the platform has no discrimination. 
but the only problem is language barriers but no worries if you need any help in translation of a text page I can help you just leave a comment below.

Just to make things clear many people from  continent like Asia especially people from Sri-Lanka talking  sinhala usually think whether they would get accepted.
The only thing to know is how to navigate on the platform which is easy to learn and clicking on adscenes doesn't need even a high school certificate so no worries.



1) YOU  can make up to 11.95$ a day when you upgrade through html ads and refferal program .

2) Easy payment method such as PayPal,western union, bank transfer and bitcoin.

3) All countries are accepted

disadvantages or cons of star-click.com

Star-click demands for some documents before granting withdrawal apart from auto pay out which dont require any verification.

Starclick support team take longer period to responde these is the main challenge people face on the platform.

Still not satisfied just leave a comment below or ask any question and I will help you.

if you have any better ptc site to recommend please share.

1) sign up to star-click as a publisher .

Does Star-Clicks sound right for you?

Don't forget to leave a comment !.


  1. I have been working on star-click and the platform do pay money accept worker world wide.

  2. For Gold member also there are limited number of clicks. As mentioned above ( $6 ×28days=168) a day it's not at all possible. May I know how it's possible to make this happen.

  3. You didn't get me right I wrote 6$ $ ×28days=168$ in a month.That means you can earn such amount of money in a month which is 28days.
    But it still possible to earn such amount in a day through refferals program which they pay 0.8$ when a person sign up through your referral link and 5$ if the person upgrade to a gold membership level and 10$ if the person upgrade to a platinum membership level . These can be possible if you have urge followers on social medias or own a YouTube channel that you create star-click video advert to bring vesitors.
    or own a website or any other way you can place your clickable refferals link on the internet to bring people to star-click.
    Star-click also have an HTML code that displays advert on a website and you get payed when some click on the advertisement.
    But these is useless if you don't own a website or blog.
    But first of all check out the site to Know what you are promoting.

    1. sorry I'm a bit confused. Isn't the silver membership referral only $0.08 and not $0.8?

    2. I'm a Gold Member, but I don't get enough clicks for 5$ a day. It gives 70-120 clicks; that means most to most you get only 1$.

    3. Hey pls just it it pay or not

  4. Comment recuperer mon compte suspendu
    Et merci

  5. hello star-click
    please why you deleted my account, this account is mine
    please how to recover my account
    and thank you

    1. How long have you been working on Star-click and could you please share your experience.


    2. These is just a review site and I have no authority on star-click or owner of the site. Most of the time account are blocked may be because you created two accounts using the same device like a phone with two star-click account or thesame pc. They will automatically block your account.

      but you can write a review on trust pilot since they are present on it and they may easily re open your account since they try to avoid bad review and also send a report on star-click support team that your account has been blocked and you don't know why.
      follow the link below and the steps I mentioned since many people say it works for them.
      But I cannot guarantee you that your account would be open but other users says they tried it especially written complaint on trust pilots and their account where re open but don't forget to re comment on trust pilot if your account open follow the link below and take your time to do it.

      star-click support

  6. If I upgrade with $20 to Gold and after possible withdrawal. Will my account return back to silver membership ?

    Because I read you saying $20 monthly

    1. Yes your account would return to silver account but your can reinvest 20$ dollar and withdraw your profits.

    2. If i upgrade to gold how uch I make money in month.one more thing if i give 20$/month But I don't work with html code how can I get profit.you say that it gives me only 1dollars perday...I have lost the money that I spemd to upgrade gold

    3. Please just say after upgaradimg platinum will I get 80$dollars profit per month without working with html code

  7. I am very much intrested, and i would upgrade like you advised. But are you sure I can get my $20 back with some profit on it?. Like how many ads are you provided with to click daily once you upgrade and how much per click for those who grade?

    1. Like I said on the post you would receive 5$ to 7$ dollar adscenes a day so your profits you make a month surpasses the money invested 4 times and you can re invest your profit and withdraw the rest.

    2. 5$ - 7$ from ads alone or is it a combined earning from ads, HTML code and referral?
      Please confirm how much can someone earn only from ads if he doesn't have any websites or blogs to post HTML code ads..

    3. Only from ads you'll receive 0,9-1,1 per day.If on silver you receive 3-3,5 dollars per month, here you'll get 25-27 only if you'll enter every day. and than minus 20 dollars per gold means you'll get 5-7

  8. If I want to withdraw and I choose to withdraw with Bank withdrawal or Bitcoin (which one do you advise?)

    What else will they request before withdrawal?
    ID card?
    Or? ?

    1. The is only one time account verification to make sure the country you are in is correct.
      If you want to use Bitcoin as payment method all you need is the Gmail address and you would select the type of Bitcoin process or Bitcoin site you want your money to go too.
      And if you want to withdraw you money to a bank account you must go to the setting section and you are going to fill some information like the account number, swift code and some additional information which is kept until you decide to change you account number or send it to a different bank account.
      So no unusual information is asked.

    2. Thanks you sir! I was bit confused because I was made known that using manual payout would cost you ID card and charge. While auto-payout only give $5-20 and not all the money earned.

  9. Pls if I don't hv Bitcoin to upgrade can i use my bank to upgrade?

    1. You can also upgrade with PayPal but if you want to use a bank account follow these steps

      To upgrade using bank transfer follow these steps:

      1. Login to your account

      2. Click Upgrade link from the menu

      3. Choose the membership type (Gold membership or Platinum membership)

      4. Choose bank transfer

      5. You will receive bank account details you need to make the transfer to in your email

      6. Visit your bank or a transfer agent provide them the details you received in your email and ask them to make the transfer

      7. Make sure you write your account email address as a reference when you make the payment

  10. Thank you sir for this review. It really gave me more insight about how star-clicks works. My question is about the automatic withdrawal. How does this work? Do you recommend the automatic withdrawal or manual withdrawal? And how many days does it take to receive an automatically withdrawn money into your paypal wallet if one is a gold member?

    1. Automatic withdrawal is an automated withdrawal option that is available only for silver member since their earning is low to enable them withdraw money from 2$ and above.
      You are the one to set up the amount that is if you prefer to withdraw 10$ 20$ or any amount you can set at the settings section the money would automatically be send to your account when your account reaches that amount.
      The time frame for the money to be send into your account is not specified.
      The is only two supported payment through auto pay out that is Bitcoin or PayPal.
      But you can use these auto system when your upgraded memberships level expires and you become a silver member then you can use these options.

      As for me I usually prefer withdrawing my money in bulk so I can do something meaningful with it.
      So the best payments system depends on your point of need.
      Other usually prefer withdrawing 10$ because they want to use the money to suit a need.

  11. But I have read from some other sources that you only get 100-150 ads a day once you upgrade. That means just above 1$ a day and only if you have a website or a blog you can earn more using HTML code. So, please verify which is the true fact?

    1. The minimum amount of ads I have ever received is 3.95$ to 4$ worth of ads that is 395 to 400 ads to click and earn directly without html or refferal program.
      Html and refferal program is just to boost your earning potential.

      And so if it is true that star-click is paying 100 to 150 worth of adscenes then people would be wasting their time on the platform making user to to leave the platform which would lead to the downfall of star-click.
      The only way
      to convince your self about the platform is to test the platform for yourself.

    2. Thanks for the article. It's been 3 days since I upgraded my star clicks account from silver to gold. on the first day i got 140 clicks. the other days 78 and today 60 clicks. With the time I risk not recovering my investment at the end of the month and renewing my subscription. I even created a blog on which there are already led star clicks ads but I only collected 3 clicks despite a number of visitors during the day. What can I do to improve my performance?

    3. Sorry about that you can leave a complaint on
      Since they are more active and respond quickly to solve certain issues.
      As to how to increase you earning I don't usually recommend star-click ads if you don't have enough traffic and Google ads would be better because they pay more.
      But it is difficult to get accepted with a blogspot blog.
      But base on my research blogspot.com blog that have edited their footer - menue bar using extra html code in a professional design get easily qualify for Google ads.

      So the best way on how to increase star-click earning is through refferal program which is more beneficial than star-click ads.
      You can use you blog to promote your refferal link.

  12. If I may ask, does payment varies by location? I mean, does your location determine how much a click is worth or it does not? Cause some sites like this have varying prices for different locations

  13. Hello Anonjun your location don't determine anything all workers of star-clicks are treated equally and payed equally.

  14. NKEM Collins did you really using star cliks? Are you really making profit out of it? Are you not a worker of star-clicks or something? Because your review is more than positive,i would like to upgrade my account to gold,can you assure me that i will not lose my hard earning cash this time? I need to hear from you

  15. Eliah like I said on the post you can log in on star-clicks and ask star-clicks top members of the week some questions if you are not sure or copy these link


    And ask direct question on trust pilot to star-clicks founder.

    Just leave a review about you thought and you would get e respond as they are more present on the plateform.

    Doing research by yourself would clear up your thoughts.

  16. I want to upgrade my account to platinum. My Question is, is it a monthly plan like gold ?

    1. Yes the monthly plans are thesame but the earning potential are not thesame.

  17. Pls I upgraded my account to Gold but all I could get is 140ads which is $1.4 not up to what star click said I would get pls any help on this

  18. I receive only $0.20 per week and 3-4 ads daily and when I try to upgrade my account to, I get this message- "Account Upgrade
    Unfortunately, account upgrade is not available as the number of daily limits for account upgrade has been reached." What should I do?

    1. Copy these link and past in browser


      Go to truspilot an d give a rating of about 3 stars.

      Then write your complaint.

      Star-click team would get back to you within 24hours or less because they hate negative review.

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  20. Hello,
    The earning calculation is not true, I only get on the average $1 clicks, I even messaged support concerning the HTML set-up, I didn't get a response, since it's like the $5 promised is through HTML.
    Who knows how to setup HTML here.
    I have a website and I have done as directed but star clicks never credit me the clicks from my website.

  21. PGI Global is a total scheme to rip innocent people off thiner hard earn money as I have invested with them but nothing fruitful came out of it ,instead they kept demanding for more funds to be invested, after several methods to make more deposit had failed, they decided to lock me out of my accounts with no reasonable explanations, had to take matters into my own hands as the my financial institution couldn't help me get my initial investments backs contacted a recovery firm to help me recover my funds, took me less than a month to get it all back but am really glad I could get the help I needed, contact fightingscams (at )(aol )dt (com).

  22. dear starclicks user i m using this site since november, 2020 and uptill now i have earned above 20 dollars. now i want to upgrade my account to gold membership. the officials of the site tells that when u reach ur earning limit for upgrade and option will appear on ur plateform but it is not visible till now . any one can say about this how to upgrade the account from the existing balance. plz. raufabdur740@gmail.com

  23. I really appreciate your support on this.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    I’m happy to answer your questions, if you have any.




  24. I have been trying to withdraw my $60 from starclicks for the past 1 month but it has not been forth coming. I was asked to fill an economic profile questionnaire which I did. Submitted my bank account statement and my ID and still yet starclicks has refused paying me.

    My method of payment is bitcoin, if there is an easier way to receive my payment I'll be very happy to hear it. Please reply me on my email address enaefeme@gmail.com I really need the money ASAP

  25. Bonjour Mr Collins
    Moi je suis depuis plus d'un mois sur la plateforme et j'ai payé deux fois membre GOLD mais je n'ai jamais dépassé 1$ de gain par jour ; j'arrive juste à avoir les 29$ pour payer le membre GOLD et il me reste 2 à 3 $ de bénéfice ; pour les clicks dans mon site web depuis 2 mois j'ai récolté 1.14$.
    Alors éclairez moi SVP et montrez moi comment gagner 5$ par jour avec GOLD.

  26. Nkem Collins I think you've been paid to give positive reviews about star click, after studying the website I discovered they are lier's I have many reasons and proof about this website they pay members to give positive review, will a good and sincere earning website do such a thing? Aren't members who come to the website to earn suppose to give good or bad reviews based on their experience? People save your money and time star click is lying to y'all.

  27. Hello sir I'm working this website.my balance is now 17 dollar .I'm set AUTOPAYMENT using PayPal but not received any money please help me my email is mohanguru84513@gmail.com


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