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Paxful review legit or scam bitcoin trading plateform

 These is a paxful review to let you know if paxful is worth you putting your money on the platform.

Is paxful legit or scam.

Is paxful legit  ?.

the answer is yes Paxful is a leg plateform to trade Bitcoin - gift cards or Tether.You can receive your money in any possible way or payment method you can think off.The are lot of positive reviews on the internet about the plateform.

How paxful works

If you want to receive Bitcoin or Tether you just need to create a paxful account and verify your account a bitcion or Tether code would be given which you can copy and past them if you want to receive money on any plateform.

To withdraw your money from paxful account you would need to trade your Bitcoin or Tether on paxful through the millions of traders available depending on where to receive money that is bank - PayPal - mobile money and several other payment methods.

To trade you browse through thousand of trader that are going to send your money to PayPal account for example.Select a trader to trade with and state a trade by entering the amount you want to trade.

A live chat would start on paxful with the trader. And your crypto currency would be kept in paxful escrow which serves as an intermediary between buyer and seller.You can communicate with the trader and provide your information and the money would be sent to your selected accountWhen the buyer send the money he would click  and and verify that he has send the money.

After you receive the money you can release the money from escrow account which would be sent to the buyer Bitcoin account.If the is an issue with the trade or the buyer didn't send the money the is a button ''start a dispute'' click on the link and give your complaint then paxful team would intervene.

Note don't release money from escrow if you have not receive your money or you would lose your crypto.

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My experience on paxful.

So my first trade on paxful was a bad one I lost 20$ while trading as a newbie.

I received 20$ worth of Bitcoin from star-clicks.com PTC site

Among thousands of buyers I fell on a scammer which I selected to trade with.

A scammer on paxful fooled me to release my money from escrow and I did it because I did not find time to understand how paxful works.

I earn some cash online on a plateform called star-clicks which is a paid to click site to click on advert to earn money.So I withdraw my money to paxful through Bitcoin.

After the scam I reported the buyer to the paxful team and these was their response.

Paxful.com review legit or scam


Hello Collins,

We apologize for the wait time. We're here to help you out with the trade issue you reported wherein you released bitcoins without payment. 

We're sad to hear about what happened. We have taken action against the bitcoin buyer in this trade and have disallowed him in Paxful. However, we can't reverse a bitcoin transaction. This is the nature of cryptocurrency and is beyond Paxful's control.

To avoid this in the future, we strongly advise that you do not release the bitcoin held in escrow if you haven't received payment. If a buyer is asking you to release bitcoin without payment, please start a dispute and our moderators will definitely help you get your bitcoin back. "


So I could not regain my Bitcoin but at least the scammer was banned meaning he lost everything in his account.

Since then I have been checking his account to see his last log in and it has been more than 1month meaning he is truly banned from the platform.

The highest mistake I made was to release my Bitcoin from paxful escrow service without receiving my money.

So paxful is legit but some traders are the problem.

So I received another Bitcoin from  star-clicks.com PTC site which pays for clicking links through paxful again and I tried withrawals the money but these time it was successful.

These is a screenshot I took  .

Paxful pour cameroonians bitcion

So check a trader likes and dislike any trader with more than five dislike might be a risk.

Some time recent trader leave comment concerning a particular trader so you can read .

And if you have a problem while trading start a dispute and never release your crypto from escrow to be on save side

You need to understand how the plateform works by watching online videos. But no online video will make you fully understanding without geting yourself involved with trading plateforms.
Dont just directly go and start trading on any bitcoin.

Withrawing your money about 12$ should be a good start to get experience.

Common roles  for trading Bitcoin are :

1) Dont be desperate.
      Like any under job trading plateforms requires patience to fully understand before you see the return in your pocket.

2) A fall in bitcoin is opporturnity to earn more.
Bitcoin usually falls  and as a trader you need to buy more in such time  because people would want to sell . No matter how long it takes bitcoin will still raise and that is where the first role applies.

3) The last role is stop  and wait:
After several purchase and trade made you would need to stop and wait.

You can also buy and sell when bitcoin is in it's  standard rate and still make profits from trading.

The are other several trading plateform you can use online, paxful trading plateform is just a recommendation.


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