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how to make money online without investment in botswana


How to make money online in Botswana


The are fewer legit site these days that enable people from 

Botswana to make money online.

That said the are legit sites that can enable people around the world to make money online which I am going to be taking about below.I may not know all money making site but I am going to list the few I know. 

Please note these sites would enable you to earn some cash but not a full time income.

How to make money BOTSWANA.


2) Affiliate marketing. ...

3) YouTube Videos. ...

4) Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Binance. ...

5) Freelancing. ...

6) Start your online bank with V. ...

7) afrisight or triaba survey site

8 )eCommerce business.

All of the job listed here would require you to learn deep and develop a skill in any of the aspect.

§  Data Entry.

§  Virtual Assistant Jobs.

§  Translation Jobs.

§  Taking survey online.

§  Website Testing Jobs.

§  Selling items on market places online.

§  Blogging.

§  Doing micro jobs online. zero skills

§   ptc site. zero skills



if you are interested on making money online then you should consider reading these post .making money online with binary option


Which website is best to earn money ONLINE in BOTSWANA?

  • Upwork.com.
  • picoworker.com
  • adbtc.top
  • Fiverr.com.
  • Etsy.com.
  • TaskRabbit.com.
  • Wonder.com.
  • ThredUp.com.
  • Swap.com.
  • Gazelle.com.

What is the fastest way to make money in BOTSSWANA?.


  • Become a High-Paid Remote Freelancer.
  • Start a Successful Podcast.
  • Start a Blog The Right Way.
  • Start Making Money Online By Joining a Social Investment Network.
  • Build a Niche Blog for Affiliate Marketing and Digital Products.
  • Sell Your Products Online Across Every Platform.

How can I make my first money online in BOTSWANA?

  • No-risk matched betting. Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). …
  • Online surveys.
  • Paid for searching the web.
  • Online market trading.
  • Start your own website.
  • Review websites & apps for cash.
  • ‘Get Paid To’ sites.

These websites don't require certificate or any skills so even students from Botswana can join make money online.

Make money with paid to click site in Botswana.

You can make money online in Botswana through paid to click site by clicking on advert. These is fast and easy and don't require any skills or certificate just a any smart device to surf the internet. One of the best is star-click.com  you can earn more than a 60$ in a month but you would need to upgrade with 10.000cfa.The payment methods are paypal  - Western Union  -bank transfer - master card - Bitcoin.Please read my complete review to understand about the site Star-clicks complete review

I always advise to read the complete review to understand how the site work before making any decisions


Make money through micro job site.

Micro job site are plateform that promote mini degital jobs that require little time to be done.
People from Botswana can join and state earning online.Jobs like testing a website or app and given user experience or carrying out survey. The list are to broad to be written down and lots of micro jobs are listed down for you to choose from.

And one of the best micro job site is picoworkers.com these site enable you to make more than 6$ a day in your spare time.So you can sign up and state making money right away Sign up on picoworker
These is how the site function a list of micro task would be listed and the amount you would receive.
Click on any micro task that suits you and read what you have to do and then submit proof.
So after you sign up browse through the micro task and choose any that you can do in order to become familiar

They usually don't take up to 3 minutes.
It might seem confusing at the beginning but you would get used to it in a short period of time.
The payment system support Skrill wallet which you can withdraw your money to a mobile wallet.
Other option likeBitcoin- PayPal and card are available in the plateform.

You can make money online by clicking advert and earn Bitcoin which you will later send it to your mobile money account through paxful or any other Bitcoin account you choose.To increase your income you can choose to buy permanent refferals on the platform which means you would receive a percentage of earning if the person your bought clicks on advert.Or you can refer others your self.

Please don't venture on buying refferal if you have not fully understand how the platform works.

Adbtc.top Bitcoin earning site

So now you know it sign up and earn extra income online in Botswana.

Make money in Botswana through online survey.

You can also make money online from Botswana through international survey sites by carrying out survey and some additional task which usually take a couple of minutes to do.some of the best survey site are pricezerebel and ysense. Pricezerebel is a legitimate survey site that pays it members and the payments methods are suitable for Africans and people from all countries.

Pricezerebel survey site sign up 

Ysense is also a legitimate survey site so  you can sign up and make money.These sites also have several payment methods so no worries about withdrawing your money.

Ysense survey site sign up

So now you know it sign up and earn extra income online in Botswana.

Please leave a comment in case of a question. Concerning these sites.


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