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Welcome to the review of money xyz site. These are simple question you may ask your self.

What is money xyz.

Money xyz site are ptc site that is paid per click that claims to make people earn money online.

Are money xyz sites legitimate or scam.

All ptc site that carry money xyz are all scam site. I am going to proof what I am saying because I carried out some research so read the complete review if you don't want to lose your money.

Can I make money on site. site are scam site so you won't make any money from such site but the are legitimate ptc site which I am going to mention below.

Are the legitimate ptc site that I can make up to 4 $ a day.

Yes the are legitimate paid to click site on the internet unlike xyz site that are scam. Must read one of the best paid to click site to make money

Let me proof all money xyz site are scam site.

First of all many users that invested their time and money on money xyz site lose them and the have been ten's of thousands of complaints of people losing their money just to let you know.

So I carried out some research base on user complaint and these is what I found.

Money xyz site are randomly created by thesame unknown person to scam money. Here are examples

All money xyz site are registered under NameCheap and are closed after many people sign up and invest money. rated scam site

Domain creation date ========Friday 2 August 2019=====registered at web hosting server. rated scam site

Domain creation 2019-12-29 

Some of the site appears on Google search engines with no information.

Several money xyz  site appeared on Google after I research '''' and many appeared with money xyz regular name  but without any information these are example below.

Vze  scam site 

Vze appeared with no information. scam site has no information but live on Google meaning it is a scam site ready to be lunched. scam site appeared with no information. scam site
Appeared on Google search engine
s with no information.

So i won't want to talk about all of money xyz site because the are tons on internet with no information.

But Know the question goes why would some one lunch a website and pays for a domain name that goes live with no information.
In addition to that all of other money xyz site displays thesame information on their home page. They promise you to make money online by clicking on adscenes and making 10cent per click which are all  lies and they demand 150$ and worse of all 40 people to sign up through your referral link in order for to withdraw.

''where the hell would you get 40 refferal from''. It would take you ages and give them time enough to make money before they close the site.
Many  money xyz site are for sale on These means after the site must had have a bad reputation the give it out for sale which means you lose all of your investment. appeared on Google search engine for sale which have been on the internet for a couple of years and website even wrote review concerning the site but it is now for sale.

These doesn't mean the are no legitimate ptc site.Read review about one of the best ptc site to make more than 4$ a day

These are screenshot of some money xyz site because even if I where to use one year to take screenshots of such site it would be impossible.

Money xyz review

These is a small list of tons of money xyz site that I found on the internet these are the few I can show is scam site

Gby is scam site is a scam site 

Fvo is a scam site is a scam site is a scam site is scam site is  a scam site is scam site is a scam site

I don't want to waist your time and my time written on these sites

These are all scam site with thesame information

If you have ever work on the site and thinks the  site is legit please proof me wrong or had a negative experience please share to help others.

Please leave comment or ideas of any site you my know that accepts and pay people world wide please share !.