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Best site to make money online Cameroon

    How to make money online in Cameroon . The are fewer legit site these days that enable people from  Cameroon to make money online. Internet bloggers usually write content about Cameroon making money online as easy whereas that not true if you are searching for a full time income. That said the are legit sites that can enable people around the world to make money online which I am going to be talking about below. I may not know all money making site but I am going to list the few I know. Please note these sites would enable you to earn some cash but not a full time income. These websites don't require certificate or any skills so even students from Cameroon can join make money online. You can make money online with paxful which is a Bitcoin trading site by opening your account and state buying and selling Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin when it falls and sell them when it rises. All you need is an account mobile money, or any other transaction account to start trading. Please note.