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Afrisight and other legit site to make 100$ faster plus withrawal

These a review about afrisight that is a survey site.


 Afrisight review covers the whole of Africa or African countries who want to participate including



afrisight South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Namibia, Zambia, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Nigeria.


Afrisight legit or scam survey site .

Is afrisight legit ?.

afrisight is  legit and not a scam survey site, they do pay people money and you can earn on the plateform   even though they have short comings of low earnings potential it is one of the best survey plateform in Africa but the are other legit website i made mention below with better earning potentials.

You can  join and make money online on AFRISIGHT.COM base on my experience on the platform but the problem about the site is it take longer periods of time to recieve survey which ranges from 1$ to 2.85$.


The have been many complains by user of not recieving survey or refusal of afrisight to send their money.

But also numerous  positive remarks about Afrisight. The truth is that Africa has limited survey sites to choose from so as for now Afrisight can be classified as one of the best in Africa but the earning potential is nothing to talk about.


Can you make money on afrisight.


Yes you can earn 1$ to 2.5$ per survey on afrisight like I said earlier. But the problem  is that the platform Afrisight usually supply survey twice a month but sometimes none  even for five months. So the chances of recieving survey to enable you make a substantial amount of income are slim.





How do you make money on AfriSight?

Get started in just 3 easy steps

1.  1) Join Us. Register on AfriSight and confirm your email address.

2. 2)  Take Surveys. We will regularly email you survey invites. ...

3. 3)  Earn Rewards & Get Paid.

 then you complete a survey you earn points which can be redeemed as cash, data, airtime or shopping vouchers.

These is an example of  a survey invitation that was sent to me through Gmail which is a source of communication plateform used by many site including afrisight.

Afrisight survey screenshot

As you can see the survey usually take 35minutes and the amount of money to end varies with different survey invitation sent to you.



payment method.

 how to withdraw money from afrisight ? so first of all make sure you have enough funds  your account  before you proceed.

Afrisight payment method  to withdraw money from Afrisight account  is usually through  mobile money popularly known as m-pesa,  PayPal and shopping vouchers . you can  also  get mobile top-up . The airtime can also be redeemed as mobile data .Don't expect to earn  a urge amount on these plateform.



The last time i was on afrisight was when after several months i got a survey invitation through gmail  so i quickly clicked on the link provided by Afrisight and within a few second i was doing the survey so after about 5minutes i completed the survey then upon submission i got a display on my screen "sorry survey are no longer available".  which was a complete wast of time eventually meaning i was late.


But was i ?.




you can sign up on afrisight if you want because after all you got nothing to loose plus earning money is possible on the plateform .

Afrisight alternatives money making sites.

To tell you the truth the are few plateform like afrisight for Africans to make money online without any skills.

So i have selected afrisight alternatives website so you can check and see which suits you.


If you have any degital skills from graphics designing  or web design and other skills then the plateform for you is Fiverr.com or upwork.com.


If  you don't have any degital skills then you can work on a plateform called star-click .... sign up that supports several payment method like bank transfer - Western Union - master card - Bitcoin -paypal and you can make more than 100$.



make money in africa afrisight


Or you can stick to a free account without upgrading make some cash and withdraw your money through auto payout usually Bitcoin or PayPal.

 star-click.com membership sign up..........


So all you need to do on the platform is click on links which doesn't even take a second.

These links are just advert and you earn cash which is easy because you can do these in your spare time.


Another plateform is  picoworkers which is a micro job site which you can make 3$  to 5$ a day on the platform which have several payment method like Bitcoin or Skrill - MasterCard and others payment methods.



The task are mini jobs which ranges from 0.5cent to 1$ dollar.


You can do task as much as you can so check both  sites to see which suits you but I would recommend star-click because it is easy and less time consuming.


 Sign up on picoworker............

I wouldn't want to go on the long process about creating a website or blog doing affiliated marketing and Google adscenes  because it is a long process.



Before I forget don't wast your time signing up on international survey site because you won't make a 1$ even for one year because of your location.



If you don't believe me try and see.


Countries that have mixed race can be considered on international survey site base on my experience on several survey site. i would prefer you signing up to low paying african survey site than international survey site.


Please don't forget to ask a question or recommend other legit money making site.








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