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Make money with a free blog blogspot blog

it actually possible to make money with a Blogspot.com domain names.The answer is yes.
A blogspot.com domain can actually earn you some cash thesame way a paid domain do.
People actually don't care about the type of domain name because all they are interested in is the piece of important information on your site the more valuable your content the more interesting  people would really find your site and who care whether it is a Blogspot domain.
The most interesting part is that 75 percent of people in the world base on my calculations don't know the difference  because they don't care but are interested in the information you give.

Ways to make money with a blogspot.com domain name .

You can make money from from Google adscenes which are advertisement that pop up on your site related to the content you're writing on.You get paid From 0.5$ to 100$ depending on the traffic and how valuable your site is.
The amount of money you generate depends on traffic.
Apart of Google the are also private advertisement site that pays well just Google search to find them.
Point to notes . The are some requirements you need to fulfill  before you get qualified with a Blogspot.com domain name.
It is easy to qualify with a WordPress.com domain than a Blogspot.

2)You can make money with a blogspot.com name through refferals that site pays you to bring people through your site using back links or clickable url on your a site.
So when you sign up to a service they would give you a person refferals link to bring vesitors and you get payed per sign up or purchase.The amount you can make depends on the site you want to promote site may per from 0.5$ to 100$ ...500$...1000$ any amount you can think of depending on the type of service.
For instance promoting a hotel can pay you 1000$ if it is expensive and worth 25000$ then you receive a commission.

3) you can do affiliated marketing to sale stuff online for ebay ; Amazon; Alexepress and other online marketing company.
The a ton of service to promote if you Google search you would find more than you can imagine.

Now let go to the bad site about having a site whether paid or free.
People don't usually mention that your website won't rank without having a good backlink or domain rating above or in line with your competitors.
Before you start writing content.
The is a nice song online write more content is the key and Google would rank your site to the top.Dont be fooled.
Website with content written about 200 words and a good domat rating or backlink ranked high more than my 3000 words content on Google with a low or little domain rating.
So keep that in mind and always improve you backlink as you have written a two page content or else they won't ranked to the top or receive any vesitors or traffic.
To check a domain backlink and rating type on Google _backlink checker-  and it would display but the best for me is Semrush and seoreviewtool.com. but make sure to use four other checkers because they are not the same.
Spy on you competitors where they get their backlink.

You would need investment if you want to go to a paid  domain name and I thought it wise for you to get extra cash. You can make up to 300$ online by investing 20$ or 45$ a month.
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